Are Headlines Important?

Yes…But Why? 

A few words, but they can certainly be a defining factor.

Besides the colorful images, it’s the first thing to catch the eye and often determines whether people like you and read the text or not.

Do you look or interpret the headline on a newspaper stand differently to the headline on an internet article?

One of the biggest mistakes we can make is to crank out a headline as an afterthought…

what is a headline?

“A headline is a clear, tightly written promise that is made with enough words to make a promise, but no more words than necessary.” Defined by Russ Henneberry at Digital Marketer…

“On the average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy.”    ~ David Ogilvy the father of advertising.

headlines need to be compelling without being “hypey” or obnoxious.

The purpose of the headline is to…

  • offer compelling information
  • Solve a problem
  • take away pain
  • help someone achieve a goal
  • fulfill a desire 

… so you should always start your content with a killer headline.


5 Proven Tips To Write Attention Grabbing Headlines That Work


1.Be As Specific As Possible

Specificity is critical!  The more specific your headline is, the faster and easier your reader will be able to identify if your content is for them.

2.Keep Your Headline Short

It has been shown that headlines with between 10 and 12 words tend to perform best.

You could go as low as 8 and as high as 14. But, these may not be as effective.

Therefore, your headlines should be short & punchy.

3.Include Exciting Adjectives


Here are a few examples of strong adjectives to use in a headline.

  • Essential
  • Excellent
  • Effective
  • Fantastic
  • Important
  • Mind blowing
  • Proven
  • Valuable
  • Ultimate
  • Simple
4.Use Numbers in Your Headlines

People like numbers.

This applies to almost any headline.

Whether you’re writing headlines for blog posts, capture pages, or even if you’re writing attention grabbing email subject lines…

… numbers are incredibly effective!

No matter whether you’re…

  • listing steps
  • providing tips
  • creating a checklist

… then consider giving your headline a number.

5.Write a Summary of Your Content

Summarize the main point of your content in a single sentence.

Keep it simple and just write a sentence.

Users scan through texts, but search engine crawlers also use this method.

With a keyword in the heading, the search engine is told what subject the article is about.

Google takes keywords mentioned in a heading more strongly into account.

If the keyword is missing from the headings, Google doesn’t recognize the topic and doesn’t display the article among the first search results. And whoever appears in the top results with Google & Co. will be read.

The HTML formatting has an advantage for visual reasons too. Firstly, a longer text with sub-headings appears more structured and is easier to read.

Secondly, headings are depicted in browsers in different sizes.

Try Looking at successful headlines

What makes you pick up a magazine or a newspaper?


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