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How Would You Like to Know How You Can Make Money and Make your Money Work For You in Retirement?

If that’s you, then keep reading because that is what this post is about…

Building a ommunity whilst young is important. Boomers experiment with numerous models of retirement living. The community elvolves with a population of older people.

In Planned communities fellow residents may be new friends or a new nemeses.

 In the video below, you will learn

1 . Fellow Residents have a big impact on your life.

2. It is important to check out Medical Services and its various disciplines, like in-home health services.

3. The importance of local taxes..hidden costs

In Retirement buying property and doing so at the right price and  time is very important.

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Did you know, there are countless ways you can make more money that don’t involve working longer or taking on a ton of stressful responsibility in your current career and in retirement?

There are! And the best place to start is just by knowing what it is you want from life.

Creating your lifestyle  can be surprisingly difficult for many people.

Most of us feel like there are just too many things we want as well as a lot of possibilities

to plan for… depending on our own health.

That means knowing the lifestyle that you’re trying to design and what you need to do to get there.

So perhaps a good place to start is by asking yourself what your current ‘pain points’ are in life.

I go more into detail about this in my free book.

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